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The 4s Within You: Graceful Acceptance

The 4s Within You: Graceful Acceptance

Everyone loves a countdown. Think New Year’s Eve, the start of old movies, and David Letterman’s Top Ten. The 4s compiles decades of experience in recognizing excellence into Advice 4U.  Ladies and gentlemen…The 4s.

They just called your name at the awards ceremony. You had no idea you would win. Now what?

The 4s   Advice 4 Award Recipients

  1. Take your time. Use those few moments walking up to the stage to collect yourself and collect your thoughts. Breathe.
  2. Shake hands. Typically, you shake with your right hand and accept the award with your left hand. We call this gesture the “Figure Eight of Honor” (not really, I just made that up). Pause as you accept your award because someone might want to snap a photo (someone = your mom).
  3. Thank the little people. Go ahead and name names! Thank all your relatives, significant other, producer, director, teacher, and Creator. Especially try to remember to thank those in the audience and the team who helped get you where you are today. Oh, and keep it short and sweet.
  4. Smile. You won! It’s time to celebrate! Show your emotions. (It’s okay to shed a few tears of joy!)

4tunately:  Yes, you deserve this. Be glad someone noticed! Enjoy these moments. They don’t come often enough!

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  1. Daisy 16 Dec 2011

    There is a critical shortage of informative atcriels like this.


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