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“Recognition is what we do.” We live by this. So we want our blog to be an online space that reflects our mission of establishing recognition as a daily priority.  We believe it’s important and we want you to feel that way, too. So along with our new launch, we would like to update you with what we have in store for the future.

Awards4U is releasing their new brand and website on April 1st.

Tallahassee, Florida, February 4, 2011- Sam Varn understands what it takes to lead a company – great leadership and engaged employees.  And over the years, he has placed a significant amount of focus on empowering his employees by letting them know how much he appreciates their efforts.

“Beauty is only skin deep” is not a cliché that exists at Green Peridot Salon. “We believe, pretty passionately, that beauty is first and foremost an internal quality.” So when they were asked to take part in the Top Salon Makeover Competition, though they were honored to be nominated, they also were unsure about how they would take on the mission. But being the creative and wonderful group of artists that they are, they decided to start with recognition.