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As you may know by the circled date on your calendar, Labor Day is coming up on September 5. While it may serve as a day off, last summer hurrah and mark of the back to school season for some, there is much more to celebrate.

When was the last time you completed a random act of recognition? We think there’s no better time than the present. Are you up to this month’s challenge?

Q: What’s working? A: These recognition strategies.

Join this year’s 4th of July festivities with these free, family-friendly events in Tallahassee or your very own backyard.

Summer is officially here! The summer solstice occurs June 20 this year, marking the official start of summer. Here’s more about why it’s a holiday and its historical and contemporary significance.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and even though it’s right around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to recognize the father figure in your life. T