Thesaurus of Award Terms

ability – talent, intellect, aptitude, propensity, inclination

accomplishment – fulfillment, completion, achievement, realization, attainment, triumph, victory, success, consummation

achievement – attainment, accomplishment, consummation, realization, triumph success

appreciation – thankfulness, gratefulness, obliged, indebted, gratitude, regard, esteem, respect

assistance – support, aid, help, to serve, collaborating with, contribution

assistant – aide, helper, acolyte, friend, associate, colleague, second in command, patron, backer, ancillary, adjutant, partner, co-worker, ally

beautiful – lovely, attractive, comely, pretty, elegant, superb, grand, handsome, radiant, ravishing, gorgeous

beloved – loved, adored, worshiped, cherished, dear, favorite, precious, treasured, darling, endeared, valued

best – finest, highest, first, premium, crowning, incomparable, greatest, top-notch, unequaled, choice

carefully – conscientiously, exactly, rigidly, precisely, fastidiously

ceremony – function, commemoration, memorial, rite, ritual, pageant, observance

certify – guarantee, attest, confirmed, endorse, assure

commend – accredit, laud, acclaim, endorse, recommend, approve, acclaim

continued – sustained, perseverance, perpetual, sanctioning, enduring, on-going, unrelenting, extended

contribution – endowment, commitments, donation, sharing, supplying, present, bestowal, charity

cooperation – collaboration, participation, alliance, assistance, team-work, concurrence

dedication – devotion, efforts, untiring efforts, commitment

dependable – trustworthy, mainstay, anchor, confidant, patron, reliable, faithful, loyal, unfailing, true

determination – resolution, certainty, persistence, conviction, steadfastness, perseverance, intransigence

develop – extend, expand, advance, promote, build, enrich, cultivate

diligent – zealous, energetic, vigorous, undeviating, assiduous, unremitting, intense, industrious, persistent

distinguished – illustrious, venerable, renowned, honored, celebrated, esteemed, remarkable, outstanding, great, extraordinary

education – edification, enrichment, teaching, instruction, enlightenment, tutelage, knowledge

effort – endeavor, labor, work, undertaking, venture, task commitment, exertion

emphasis – underline, dramatize, pronounce, accentuate, underscore, punctuate

enduring – lasting, permanent, surviving, continual, unchanging, uninterrupted, tenacious, perennial, tolerating

establish – institute, found, formulate, construct, organize, inaugurate, start, bring about

excellent – magnificent, supreme, peerless, foremost, exemplary, desirable, paramount, superior, superlative, exceptional, tremendous, wonderful

friendship – association, brotherhood, companionship, confidant

give – grant, bestow, confer, impart, present, award, convey, contribute to, lavish upon

guidance – direction, leadership, supervision, management, oversight, suggestion, counsel

happy – joyous, merry, convivial, congenial, mirthful, charmed, spirited

instill – infuse, impress, inspire

involvement – link, connection, participation, affiliation, commitment

judgment – knowledge, discrimination, understanding, perception, acuteness, keenness, intuition

kindness – good intentions, consideration, helpfulness, indulgence, courtesy, thoughtfulness, altruism, graciousness

leadership – administration, authority, foresight, command, supremacy

noble – honorable, heroic, brilliant, excellent, princely, magnanimous, courtly, dignified, splendid, exalted, distinguished

outstanding – notable, distinguished, highly regarded, impressive, worthy, considerable, enthusiastic

patience – forbearance, fortitude, composure, endurance

praise – applaud, cheer, acclaim, endorse, eulogize, admire

presented – awarded, bestowed, conferred, given, endowed, delivered

profit – benefit, thrive, prosper, gain

promote – advance, forward, encourage, expand, nourish, improve, bolster

recognition – in acknowledgment of, remembrance, acknowledgment, commendation

respect – esteem, honor, regard, admiration

retirement – withdrawal, resignation, departure

service – assistance, cooperation, performance of duty, help, servitude

sincerely – truthfully, honestly, earnestly, genuinely, profoundly

special – exceptional, distinctive, unusual, unique, exclusive, extraordinary

support – upkeep, responsibility for, provide, promote, sustain, further, maintain, patronize, subsidize

thanks – appreciation, gratefulness, acknowledgment, gratitude