4 Easy Ways to Recognize Your Neighbors

Summer is typically the best time for family vacations, but going out of town can mean needing someone to take care of your pets, collect your mail and water your plants. Neighbors can be great people to turn to for these tasks, but sometimes it’s hard to think of ways to say thank you beyond bringing back a generic souvenir from your vacation. Here are four easy ways to show appreciation towards your neighbors for helping you out while you vacation!

  1. Return the favor. This might seem obvious, but no one ever wants to assume you would be automatically available to return the favor. When you return from your trip, catch up with with your neighbor and ask them about their upcoming travel plans. Right then, make a point to tell them that you will take care of mail/plants/pets while they’re gone.
  2. Small gestures. Even if your neighbors don’t plan to go out of town this summer, you can still find ways to show your appreciation and help them out. Small gestures like taking their trash bin out to the corner or paying for their lawn to be mowed one month go a long way.
  3. Invite them over for dinner. Inviting your neighbors over for dinner is a great way to say thank you and get to know them a little better.
  4. Put together an appreciation basket. If you’re the type of person that likes giving gifts, put together a basket of goodies that they can enjoy! Fill it with local wine and food items from your vacation spot