4 Steps to Planning an Awards Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Whether you’re planning an end-of-year awards ceremony for students or a large conference awards banquet, there are some common steps that you’ll need to take during the planning process. Hosting an awards ceremony is not a small undertaking, so it’s important to be prepared prior to the big day. As you begin the planning process, follow these tips to ensure your awards ceremony is a success.

1. Set Your Budget

The first step you should take when planning an awards ceremony is determining your budget. While your budget will influence the decisions you make in regard to the scale of your event, an awards ceremony can be thrown with even the most modest budget. As you set your budget, some common expenses you should plan for include awards, venue, food, entertainment and VIPs, décor, marketing and event promotion, insurance and incidentals. If the ceremony will be a ticketed event, once you have an approximate idea of how much it will cost to host the ceremony, you can work out ticket prices or sponsorship packages to ensure that you cover

2. Select a Suitable Venue

When determining the venue for your awards ceremony, you will need to account for budget and number of guests, but it is also important to consider the theme of the ceremony and the type of guest experience you wish to provide. Typically, awards ceremonies are upscale events, so they are often held in banquet halls, art galleries, museums or other elegant venues. However, if you’re planning a nontraditional awards ceremony, don’t be afraid to choose a venue that complements the theme for the evening.

3. Find an Engaging Host

The host of an award show is responsible for doing much more than just announcing a few names. It is important to designate a speaker who is eloquent and charismatic to host the ceremony. An engaging host can easily elevate an evening from being routine and boring to exciting and fun. Award ceremonies vary in length, but some can last three to four hours, depending on how elaborate the ceremony is. If the ceremony will include entertainment, dinner and the award presentations, having an engaging host who can help keep the program flowing smoothly is imperative.

4. Choose Your Entertainment

Awards ceremonies can be boring for those not receiving awards if there isn’t some form of entertainment beyond announcing winners and posing for photos. There is a wide range of options for lively entertainment depending on what kind of event you’d like to host. Sometimes, the entertainment for the evening will simply consist of a cocktail hour and dinner. But a more upscale event may include stage acts such as live music, standup comedians and illusionists.

Though the preparation and coordination of an awards ceremony can be daunting, when properly executed these types of events can help achieve various business goals, such as extending your organization’s reach, building your business’ brand and motivating and encouraging employees who are being recognized.

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