4 Ways to Celebrate Diversity Month

April is Diversity Month, a time to recognize and celebrate other cultures and populations. This month, take time to recognize the diversity in your workplace, school or home. By celebrating the unique cultures, backgrounds and traditions of others, we can gain a greater appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us. Here are four ways of our favorite ways to celebrate Diversity Month:

  1. Host a multicultural movie night. Invite friends, family or colleagues over to watch some multicultural and foreign films. You can even ask guests to bring a snack to represent a different country or culture to munch on.
  2. Attend a cultural art exhibit. Many cities are home to international or cultural art exhibits. Visit a nearby museum for a weekend outing and learn more about other cultures through the lens of fine and contemporary art.
  3. Play music from around the world. Throughout the month, play music from around the world in your office, classroom, car, or home. Celebrate the diversity of your employees, coworkers or students by asking them to bring in examples of music from their own culture or heritage.
  4. Support minority-owned businesses. Visit a minority-owned business or utilize services from a minority vendor to show your support for their establishment.

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