5 Unique Ways for Charities to Use Awards

As a non-profit, one of the biggest challenges you will face is encouraging people in your community to engage with and support your cause. Rewards are a great way to keep people in your group, employees, and the surrounding community focused on your organization’s goals, making it more fun and memorable for everyone participating. Here are 5 unique ways to use awards in your charity to encourage engagement and secure more donations.

1. Use perpetual awards to recognize your top-performing member

What is a perpetual award? It’s an award that lets you recognize your top-performing members publicly. You can think of it kind of like a leader board or employee of the month style recognition. This is a great way for your non-profit to encourage your team’s ongoing participation and enthusiasm instead of relying on one-off events and fundraisers.

2. Awards are a great incentive for fundraising events

Whether you’re hosting an in-person or virtual fundraising event, trophies make a great incentive for encouraging participation and donations. It’s best practice to have multiple awards for different tiers of involvement so that everyone can feel like they have a chance to win no matter their means. You can reserve special awards for top performers and include participatory t-shirts or giveaway items for everyone else.

3. Using awards for community outreach and competitions

Just because you’re running a charitable event doesn’t mean you can’t have a little competition. A creative way for your non-profit to have a friendly competition is to host a scavenger hunt where community members pay to participate, finding clues to cool awards they can take home. You don’t need to gather in person, and it’s a great way to spread awareness about your cause.

4. Your charity can use trophies to recognize star members of your community

Is there someone in your group that consistently goes beyond expectations, overdelivering and contributing in significant ways? Show them your appreciation with a customized award. This tells them and everyone watching that you recognize their efforts and that the extra things they do, don’t go unnoticed.

5. Award businesses that take on your cause and contribute the most

Sometimes, it’s not only individual employees or community members who engage with your cause. It can be entire organizations and businesses that participate by donating and engaging with your events. As a charity, awarding companies shows that you recognize their efforts and it also gives them a constant reminder of how much you value their participation. When these trophies are displayed prominently, it also helps spread awareness of your cause to more members of your community. Utilizing tiered levels of participation, such as platinum, gold and silver levels, create goals for businesses to strive towards

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