Keep Recognition Relevant with On-the-Spot Praise

Don’t wait for end-of-the-year awards to recognize your employees. Keep your employees genuinely motivated throughout the year with on-the-spot praise.

When there is a reason to praise someone, make sure you do so while the achievement is fresh in everyone’s mind. Don’t allow time to creep in and dampen the positive impact.

This kind of recognition requires an observant, involved management team and perhaps this is why it is such a powerful tool. Everyone likes to feel like they are doing a good job. Just like raising a child, praising good performance in the workplace goes a long way towards reinforcing employee behavior.

Employee performance, productivity and motivation is usually tied to how invested a worker feels in his or her company. If you want to motivate your employees, begin using public and timely praise to reinforce your team.

Remember, a little recognition goes a long way.