Mission Recognize Excellence: Complete

“Beauty is only skin deep” is not a cliché that exists at Green Peridot Salon. “We believe, pretty passionately, that beauty is first and foremost an internal quality.” So when they were asked to take part in the Top Salon Makeover Competition, though they were honored to be nominated, they also were unsure about how they would take on the mission. But being the creative and wonderful group of artists that they are, they decided to start with recognition. Their model Tracy has overcome many obstacles in her life; from escaping an abusive relationship to being diagnosed with a neurological disorder that has limited her mobility. Green Peridot started by sending Tracy flowers. Then they spent time with her and told her how much they liked her as a person. These simple acts of recognition have transformed how Tracy feels. "Six months from now, the biggest change will be what this has done for me on the inside. It's made me see myself as a totally different person. It's opened me up, and I've realized that the person who thought she didn't look good DOES look good, who wasn't attractive can be attractive. It's brought a beauty to the inside, not just the outside. I wish I could hug everyone at Green Peridot in one big round of hugs." This transformation was obvious to the judges of the Top Salon Makeover Competition. Because on February 5, 2011, Green Peridot Salon took first place. Recognition can empower people to reach their full potential. And Tracy and Green Peridot are great examples of this happening in our community.