Read the Card First

Read the Card First

It’s finally December, and we’re wrapped up in the holiday season! As you get gifts from family and friends, step back and think about how much these people care about you. Specifically, be sure to appreciate the sentiment behind their gifts, and take time to read their cards first.

Have you ever opened a card, so sure you’d find money in it that you just opened it and shook it — without bothering to read it? Or maybe you were so excited to tear through that seasonal wrapping paper that you bypassed the card entirely?

Well, there’s a reason gifts traditionally come with cards: They express what you mean to someone. So for every niche tech gift or crisp $20 bill you receive this year, know that you’re receiving a tangible representation of someone’s appreciation of you. Plus, there’s something special about reading a heartfelt handwritten note about you. Even if a card doesn’t contain a specific, personal message, most likely, the person who gave it to you selected it thoughtfully for its presentation and content — thinking of its recipient all the while.

And since we’re all about active recognition, we encourage you to send thoughtful cards to your loved ones this year! Writing a little something personal in that Hallmark card is an excellent way (and simple!) to incorporate recognition in your gift-giving practices this year.

Try to capture a special moment in your relationship with that other person, or just let them know that they’re an important part of your life. If you want to go all out, and get a little sappy, try making — and writing — your own personalized cards!

This season, be sure to recognize the sentiment behind your gifts. Read the card first.