Shine Your Light Award Winner Veronica McCrackin

Shine Your Light Winner Veronica McCrackin

We would like to congratulate this week's Shine Your Light 🏆 Winner 👏 Veronica McCrackin. Veronica's awesome story can be seen below. 

"Veronica McCrackin is an employee, a manager, a mother, sister, and daughter among many other things. As my mother, it would be easy to shine light on all her motherly accomplishments. However, her contributions to the city of Tallahassee during these unprecedented times should not go unnoticed. Veronica joined the City of Tallahassee just this past January 2020 as the Procurement Manager. Within two months, she was bombarded with various tasks regarding the harsh reality of Covid-19. Veronica worked side by side with her staff in order to secure and distribute thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE) to city employees and citizens. Scouring for vendors and resources, she was a sole proponent of the distribution of gloves, masks, face shields, and sanitation equipment for city bus drivers, first responders, and countless other frontline workers. Veronica also constructed and provided screening kits for City supervisors in order to ease the transition of employees to return to their physical offices and service to the community. Aside from her continued work for our city though out quarantine, Veronica has recently graduated her third child from high school and continues to aid all of her children with maneuvering an ever-changing society. After wearing her many hats throughout a days time, she also cares for and tends to both of her parents alongside her sister. Especially in tough times like these, I feel mother could use an encouraging recognition for everything she has and continues to do! "

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