Teacher Recognition is Essential

The job of a teacher has always been hard and underappreciated, but it’s never been more challenging than it is now.

Everything has changed since schools have closed and transitioned to online learning. The pandemic is posing unique challenges in the world of education, but your child’s teachers are still doing everything they can to make it work. 

The teachers who aren’t doing online learning are facing a lot of risks. Classrooms full of students all coming from different families present a potential for infection. Despite the danger, many teachers remain committed to making sure your children get a quality education.

Teachers everywhere are coming up with new and innovative ways to reach their students online, shirking the uncertainty of the future and the hardships of this pandemic.

Being A Teacher is Hard

Think about what it means to be a teacher. Everyday, they are in charge of over 20 children at any given time. They have to keep their attention, get them to engage, and make sure they are learning the whole time. Of course, many teachers find their work rewarding and they accept the long hours and minimal pay. But that doesn’t mean a parent or colleague shouldn’t show their gratitude for the sacrifices they make.

The pandemic has made their jobs a lot more difficult. Many teachers are out of work, forced to transition to online learning, or are putting themselves at risk for the sake of your child’s education. School teachers in Leon County and throughout Tallahassee, are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances of the pandemic. Reopening is being hotly debated and the courts have already stated they are against it.

Teachers in Leon County are working tirelessly to adapt to the new conditions of the pandemic and the move towards online learning.

Send a Thoughtful Email

This is a great way to show a teacher your appreciation for their hard work. Never underestimate the power of kind words and recognition. A thoughtful email can do more than just make their day. It can be part of what motivates them to be better teachers and go far beyond what is expected of them.

Try saying something about how you admire their dedication to their work and your children. You might also add how you recognize the unique challenges of this time and ask how you could make it easier for them. Include something specific about the teacher or what they are doing. This is a good way to personalize the email and make it sound more sincere.

Check If They Have an Amazon List

Teachers in Tallahassee have used their own money for teaching supplies for a long time. They don’t get compensated for it and teachers are already underpaid. Checking to see if they have an Amazon list and purchasing a few supplies can be a huge relief to them.

Many teachers spend $500 to $1000 of their own money for school supplies. They don’t do it because they have to, but because that’s what it takes for them to ensure your child is getting the best education possible. Try asking your child’s teacher if they have a list and if they don’t, encourage them to make one and help spread the word.

Show Your Appreciation with a Personalized Gift

Nothing shows your appreciation like a well thought out plaque or trophy. Many teachers would love to put one on their desk as a daily reminder their work isn’t going unnoticed. The best part is that they are fully customizable, making them a great way to personalize your appreciation and highlight something about the teacher.

Ask your child about their teacher and try adding a short personal message to make the award more meaningful. You can get something simple by yourself, or you could team up with other parents to get something really special. Awards last a lifetime, and so will your kind gesture.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Showing your appreciation is not only a way to thank a teacher, it’s also a way of saying they are not alone.

Show teachers in Tallahassee your appreciation with a thoughtful award for their hard work.