When You Recognize Employees, You Retain Employees

When You Recognize Employees, You Retain Employees

How does recognition relate to retention? Turns out recognition can be one of the best forms of retention. When your employees know they’re doing good work, they’re more inclined to keep doing that good work. Here’s how a little recognition can help your company hold on to the good ones.

Your employees benefit in the following ways:

Employees who know they stand to be rewarded for outstanding performance approach their jobs with greater enthusiasm and creativity. The opposite is also true: Not being appreciated is a common reason departing employees cite when deciding to move on.

Chances are, employees who get word of a coworker’s achievement will take the time to offer their own congratulations. It’s hard to imagine an employee who wouldn’t welcome the acknowledgement.

Employee recognition programs can make staff members feel more connected to the company rather than just the recipient of a regular paycheck. That moves loyalty beyond just a financial appeal.

  • Greater motivation:
  • Peer acknowledgement:
  • Empowerment and inclusion:

Work on consistently recognizing your employees’ best efforts, and reap the rewards in employee retention!