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Sam Varn of Awards4U established the Medallion Awards Program in 1987 to recognize dedicated high school students. This program is a great way for teachers to show appreciation for their students’ hard work and perseverance. Teachers nominate students who they believe have gone that extra mile. This program isn’t about recognizing the student with the highest grades; it’s about recognizing those students who go above and beyond in the classroom and in life.

As you may already know, we launched our new brand and website in April 2011. Now, we’re excited to embark on a new campaign! Here at Awards4U, we truly believe that a little recognition goes a long way, and we want to spread that message to the Tallahassee community. We want to inspire you through recognition for the everyday accomplishments. With a new commercial to head off our campaign, we hope the message will encourage you to recognize someone in your life.

The Story Behind the Order

We Blog, Post and Tweet Recognition

“Recognition is what we do.” We live by this. So we want our blog to be an online space that reflects our mission of establishing recognition as a daily priority.  We believe it’s important and we want you to feel that way, too. So along with our new launch, we would like to update you with what we have in store for the future.