How to Design and Implement an Employee of the Month Program

Employee of the Month Program

Employee of the Month programs are a common way for companies to recognize high-performing employees. Studies show that building a culture of recognition can increase a team's overall performance and help retain top talent. Here's what you need to know about employees of the month and how you can start a program in your company.

What is an employee of the month?

An employee of the month exemplifies excellent work or achievements in line with the goals of an organization. This employee sets themselves apart from others by going above and beyond, exceeding performance standards and producing high-quality work. 

Employee of the month winners typically have their name added to a plaque or personalized trophy to celebrate the achievement. The most important thing to remember about employees of the month is that they are recognized for their efforts.

Why you should have an employee of the month award

A recent survey asked employees what would encourage them to produce great work, and 37% of respondents said they needed more personal recognition. Your company should have an employee of the month program because it creates a culture of recognition. The benefits of recognition include:

     Boost morale

     Retain top talent

     Foster recognition

     Boost performance

How to start an employee of the month program

If you're ready to start an employee of the month program, follow these four steps on designing the right award system for your team.

1. Set goals you can track

What behaviors does your organization want to encourage? Good examples might include increasing sales, productivity, leads, or other KPIs. The behavior you want to promote should be measurable because it increases clarity on how you can win the award and eliminates the possibility of bias that could upset other team members.

2. Spread the word

Everyone should understand what they can do to win the award. Informing your team about the program and making it easy to understand ensures everyone can benefit. Clear communication about the program can also increase peer recognition in your company because your team will understand the selection process.

3. Employee of the month award

The best employee of the month awards are plaques, trophies, and desk ornaments because they can be proudly displayed. Awards are reminders of the accomplishments that led to being the employee of the month. Many companies also use perpetual awards— a plaque or trophy where the names of winners are added.

4. Celebrate the accomplishment

An award isn't complete without the peer recognition provided in an award ceremony. Your celebration doesn't have to be elaborate: it can be as simple as buying your employee lunch or announcing the award to the rest of the team.

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